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Caroline Ring is doing science journalism and evolutionary biology. And comics. She has been a project manager at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin and a freelance author for several media stations. At the moment she works as an editor at WELT and WELT am Sonntag.


Caroline always had a vivid interest in two things: first, written words and second, everything that is walking on more than four legs. While the latter one pushed her through her biology studies, the fist one brought her to science journalism.

It might be unusual for a kid from Berlin city to aim at becoming a natural scientist. But starting from this point, Caroline first acquired a Bachelor’s degree for biology at the University of Hamburg and later her Master’s at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Meanwhile, her destination changed to science journalism.

She first got in touch with writing when she observed the periphery of the World Football Championship from the view of the local BILD editorial in Dortmund. During her Bachelor’s, she wrote about start ups, benchmarks and business angels for the german issue of the Financial Times and Impulse. The mentoring program of the Initiative Science Journalism allowed her insights at the radio station hr2 kultur in Frankfurt/M and at the PM Magazin in Munich.

Since then, her articles have been published and broadcasted at, NZZ Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Deutschlandfunk, Wunderwelt Wissen and Deutsche Welle Online, among others. Since April, 2017 she is an editor at the science section of WELT and WELT am Sonntag.

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    Evolution, Klima, Medizin, Molekularbiologie, Neurobiologie, Ökologie, Paläontologie, Polargebiete