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Robert Gast

Robert Gast is a science writer and staff editor for the major German news site ZEIT ONLINE. He is covering physics, astronomy and the exploration of the solar system.

Themen: Astronomie, Energie, Physik, Technik, Weltall

Medien: Online, Print

Martina Preiner

Martina Preiner is a freelance reporter. She writes about scientific topics as well as socially relevant stories. Sometimes she combines both in one article or feature - those are in most cases her favorite projects.

Themen: Evolution, Neurobiologie, Optik

Medien: Fernsehen, Hörfunk, Online, Print

Dr. Fanny Jimenez

Fanny Jimenez is Chief of Staff at Business Insider Germany.

Themen: Gesundheit, Neurowissenschaften, Psychologie

Medien: Online, Print

Philipp Hummel

Philipp Hummel is the Team Lead "Information" at the National Center for Charging Infrastructure of the federally owned NOW GmbH.

Themen: Astronomie, Forschungspolitik, Internet, Physik, Raumfahrt, Technik, Weltall

Medien: Online, Print

Caroline Ring

Caroline Ring is doing science journalism and evolutionary biology. And comics. She is a freelance journalist for life science topics in Berlin.

Themen: Evolution, Klima, Medizin, Molekularbiologie, Neurobiologie, Ökologie, Paläontologie, Polargebiete

Medien: Hörfunk, Online, Print

Karl Urban

Karl Urban is very comfortable in outer space: As a freelancing science journalist he loves to write for newspapers and experimental online media. He is also on air on public radio stations and he podcasts: about space and life on spaceship Earth.

Themen: Astronomie, Energie, Geowissenschaften, Internet, Raumfahrt, Weltall

Medien: Hörfunk, Online, Print