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Martina Preiner is a freelance reporter. She writes about scientific topics as well as socially relevant stories. Sometimes she combines both in one article or feature - those are in most cases her favorite projects.


Currently, she is working for several radio stations (Deutschlandfunk, WDR5), science TV shows (Quarks & Co.), online magazines ( and newspapers (Neue Zürcher Zeitung).

Always torn between social studies and science, she decided to unite her interests by becoming a science reporter. While finishing her Master’s Thesis, she started working at the Munich campus radio station M94.5 – that’s also where she developed the fascination for the spoken word journalism.

Starting from there, she had several internships in different broadcasting stations, learned to add visuals to her audio files (i.e. she was taught how to make scientific films) and started to write for the quieter media as well: online and print.







English, Spanish, able to order coffee and food in French

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    Evolution, Neurobiologie, Optik


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